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To set up an automatic payment, click on the AutoPayments tab under your WICW Payment Portal account.  Select the type of payment, enter the amount that you want to pay every month, then enter your card or account information.  Click the Create button on the bottom, and you should see your autopayment listed at the top of the autopayments screen.

If you would like to cancel an automatic payment, click on the X to the right side of the payment that you added.



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WIConnect Wireless

WICW is a small, rural Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides high-speed internet to the rural communities of Reedsburg, Lime Ridge, Loganville, Lone Rock, Baraboo, La Valle, Hillpoint, Bear Valley, Gotham, Hub City, Richland Center, and more! Please feel free to look around the site, and to Contact Us if you have ANY questions at all!

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