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Catch up on what we are currently working on, and where we are headed.

WiConnect Wireless is working on our cable plant in Seneca, Mt. Sterling, Eastman, and Lynxville.   We will be offering High Speed internet to those communities in the spring of 2017.     Our current TV services will also be expanded to offer multiple packages of tv service.   Please contact us for more details on our existing upgrade plans.

WIConnect Wireless

WICW is a small, rural Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides high-speed internet to the rural communities of Reedsburg, Lime Ridge, Loganville, Lone Rock, Baraboo, La Valle, Hillpoint, Bear Valley, Gotham, Hub City, Richland Center, and more! Please feel free to look around the site, and to Contact Us if you have ANY questions at all!

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