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In rural areas, there usually aren't a lot of options, but generally, you can get service from Satellite or Cellular providers.  Click on the button below to see how we stack up with the competition in the rural Wisconsin areas.

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WiConnect Cable TV Packages


Loganville Wisconsin


Cable Internet Pricing

Basic Cable Internet          Up to 10Mb download and 2 Mb Upload. 

Advanced Cable Internet    Up to 20 Mb Download 3Mb Upload

Premium Cable Internet      Up to 30Mb download and 5Mb upload


Cable TV Pricing    

Basic Cable                         $43.92/Month  plus tax


Phone Service Pricing

Unlimited local and long distance Phone Service          $15.99/ month


Bundled Packages 

Basic Internet and TV          $79


Standard Cable Service



HBO Movie Channels




WiConnect Wireless Offers Computer Protection Powered by Trend Micro

Here at  WiConnect Wireless we take your security seriously.  That is why we are now offering a Managed Anti-Virus.  This new tool allows us to manage your A/V protection from our office, push important updates out, let you know of infections, and keep your computer more secure. Whenever we notice an issue with your PC's security we will fix the issue, and also notify based on what that issue is. Updated definitions, and console updates are pushed out daily to make sure you are secure as you can be.


For the low price of $34.99 a year let us help keep your computer fully protected.


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Dairyland Cable Systems Inc is now WiConnect Cable

WiConnect Wireless is proud to provide Cable TV Service to the following Communities:

Community Monthly Pricing Yearly Pricing Channel Guide Link Internet Bundle Pricing
Loganville WI  $43.92  $510.00  Loganville Channel Offerings $5 per month off each service
Bagley WI  $43.92  $510.00  Bagley Channel Offerings  
Seneca WI  $43.92  $510.00  Seneca Channel Offerings  
Eastman WI  $43.92  $510.00  Eastman Channel Offerings  
Mt Sterling WI  $43.92  $510.00  Mt Sterling Channel Offerings  
Lynxville WI  $43.92  $510.00  Lynxville Channel Offerings  


NOW offering Cable Internet in Loganville WI  

Coming Soon  MT Sterling and Seneca!

We also provide specialized Cable TV services to several RV parks in the communities Above


 Park Name  Monthly Pricing  9/12 Pricing  Channel Guide Link
 Jays Landing-Eastman WI      
 Mississippi Bend-Bagley WI      
River of Lakes      
Little K Campground      


**additional $35 Installation fee applies for Servcies installed for less than 6 months


WIConnect Wireless

WICW is a small, rural Internet Service Provider (ISP) that provides high-speed internet to the rural communities of Reedsburg, Lime Ridge, Loganville, Lone Rock, Baraboo, La Valle, Hillpoint, Bear Valley, Gotham, Hub City, Richland Center, and more! Please feel free to look around the site, and to Contact Us if you have ANY questions at all!

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